For Sale: The “ Laguiole” knives «Hand made» knives

The “ Laguiole” knives

The Laguiole knives started to be made in France in 1820. As of today, the knives are still 100% handmade in France. The blades are carved using laminated steel: either T12 material, or XC75 material carbon steel (metal carbonate), or either using a Damascus stainless steel or carbon material. Below we are selling a very versatile table knives designed by the designer Philippe Starck. Philippe Starck was the first designer that created a designer line for Laguiole Knives.

Knives designed by Philippe Starck

T LOG (2).jpg
T LOG (1).jpg
T LOG (3).jpg

  • Those monobloc “Log” Laquiole table-knives are made of stainless steel sculpted to give the texture of a wood log.
  • This knife has a satin finish and is dishwasher safe.
  • This knife is sold in a set of 6 knives displayed in a box

 T LOG (5)-coffret.JPG

Who is Philippe Starck ?

Philippe Starck started his career as an industrial designer who build the “Starck Products” company. In short time Philippe Starck became one of the most well know contemporary designer in France and very soon after one of the most famous designer around the world. Philippe Starck touches every type of design: real-estate, interior design, creation of objects as well as clothing design that apply to everyday lifestyle. Some of his object designs are exhibit in the museum of New York, Munich, Londres, Chicago, Kyoto, Barcelona and Paris. Some of his prestigious renovations are the private apartments designed for the French president François Mitterrand in Paris, the national school of “Arts Décoratifs” in Paris, the Baccarat house in Moscou, as well as other interior design of hotel such as the Hudson, le W of New York, and the “Costes” in Paris.

We sell different Laguiole knives models with different handles, colors and finishes as well as knives designed by others designers such as Andree Putman, Sonia Rykiel, Eddy Mitchell, Yan Pennors, Eric Raddy,Jean Michel Wilmotte, C& B Lefebvre,Thomas Bastide,Olivier Gagnere. Matali Crasset,Pinel & Pinel, Christian Ghion, Ora-Ito, Hilton Mc.Connico, Yannick Jauzion, Stephanie Marin. If you are interested on different knives models please contact us at 561-929-3326.

Pictures of blades fabricationée.jpg

How do i know if it is a real “Laguiole”? Laguiole knives has files a patente

This logo   Logo La Forge de Laguiolewaranty the knives origin. This logo was patented and is used only on knives made at the Laguiole manufacturer in France.

Even today we sometimes find the this logo . It was the first Logo created at the Laguiole manufacturer in France.

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